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Prophet one - Prophet Pro One

Prophet Pro One

Specifiche tecniche

Polifonia: Monotimbrico

Oscillatori: 2 VCOs (CEM-3340 chips): : VCO A saw/pulse, VCO B saw/tri/pulse, Noise
LFO – saw, tri, pulse

Filtri: CEM-3320 Filter chips: 4-pole lowpass with Cutoff, Resonance, ADSR Envelope,
Keyboard Tracking


Tastiera: 36 note dinamica

Arpeg/Seq: Arepg: UP, UP/DOWN patterns, Latch mode; SEQUENCER: 2 patterns of pitch info only, 40 note capacity.

Controllo: CV/GATE

Date di produzione:1981 – 1984

Foto Copyright © Antonio Campeglia – all right reserved